Product Review
Charles Wilhelm Saddle Dolly

I was blown away by the Charles Wilhelm Saddle Dolly and I mean that in the very best way! Designed by trainer Charles Wilhelm and Saddle Rack Systems Plus, the Charles Wilhelm Saddle Dolly is easy to assemble, maneuverable and you can rearrange it to fit your needs.

When California Riding Magazine’s General Manager, Mimie Nordenstrom, first told me there were “several” boxes from Saddle Rack System Plus for me in the warehouse I was a little bit panicked. I asked her what she meant by boxes? When asked to review the dolly I thought it came assembled!

Anyone who has ever seen me try to assemble an appliance would have been panicked as well. I am not handy. So, when I say the Charles Wilhelm Saddle Dolly is easy to assemble, I mean it in the sense that a 10-year-old could put it together with no problems! It took longer to unwrap the dolly’s pieces than to assemble it.

I am also somewhat of a petite woman. Many of my friends and colleagues would probably be more inclined to say a strong wind could blow me over. I was able to disassemble the dolly, load it into my truck and reassemble it at my barn with no difficulty and no help. I also had no problems handling the Charles Wilhelm Saddle Dolly. I took it home, loaded it up with tack and equipment and dragged it around the farm, down the dirt road and up my very steep driveway. All the equipment stayed on, neither the dolly nor I toppled over and I was able to easily push the dolly up and down the mountain.

However, the dolly’s best feature is its keyhole center. The keyhole center allows you to decide where you want your saddle racks to hang. The dolly also comes with a two-horseshoe bridle rack which can be hung on the front or back of the dolly.

As a competitor, I love this feature. At home I ride both english and western. However, when I show it is usually one or the other, so I only need one saddle. The keyhole system allows me to rearrange my dolly for shows. I can put my saddle rack at the very top and sit my grooming equipment under my saddle. I can also take all the accessories off and use it just as a dolly to transport items from my truck and trailer to my rented stalls.

There are two versions of this saddle dolly available; one which is 64 inches high and holds three saddles, and the dolly I have which measures 52 inches high and holds two saddles. Both have a base that is 24 inches wide by 36 inches long. Just the right size for saddle pads and a grooming box.

Well, what else can I say about the Charles Wilhelm Saddle Dolly? Only that I am a big fan of the dolly and I give it five out of five horseshoes!

by Rebecca Sparenberg